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Collectors who have an insatiable thirst for new ways of experiencing art can now collect pieces of architecture and bring them right into their backyards.

Revolution Pre-crafted Pavilions are collectible structures, whose wide variety of functions, complement an existing space. They are special additions to any home or open space, which can be anything from a dining pavilion to a pool pavilion. While they are utilized for everyday activities, they can also be just marvelled at as the pieces of art that they are.

PULL pavilion

By AFGH for Wallpaper



Volu Dining Pavilion

By Zaha Hadid with Patrik Schumacher



The Armadillo Tea Pavilion

By Ron Arad



The ReCreation Pavilion

By Daniel Libeskind for Studio Libeskind



The Aluminum Cloud Pavilion

By Kengo Kuma



The Infinity Ring Pavilion

By Sou Fujimoto



The Bamboo Pavilion

By Campana Brothers



The Model Art Pavilion

By Gluckman Tang



The Eros Senses Pavilion

By Kulapat Yantrasast



The Palloon Relaxation Pavilion

By J. MAYER H. for Wallpaper



The Bettina Pavilion

By Michael Maltzan



The Ellipsicoon Retreat Pavilion

By Ben Van Berkel of Unstudio



Revolution presents art and design enthusiasts with a new way of collecting and experiencing art. These designer pavilions, envisioned by leading architects, artists and design luminaries, are collectible structures that aim to democratize high-design by making them accessible to a broader audience. An exclusive curation of pre-crafted pavilions is made available thru a sophisticated e-commerce platform, making it possible for anyone to own editioned pieces in a click of a button.

Revolution Pre-crafted Pavilions are collectible structures with a wide array of functions that will complement a home or an existing space. They are unique space additions that can be anything from a living room, pool, reading area, or a multitude of other functions that are meant to inspire, excite, motivate, and contribute to one’s health and wellbeing.

There is a Pre-crafted Pavilion for every taste. Created by the world’s most sought-after creatives, each is a masterpiece to be marveled at, revolutionizing our perception of art and our way of collecting them.


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