12 Hottest Outdoor Trends You Must See – Pavilions, Lighting and More

Outdoor living design can be exciting and challenging at the same time. Just like interior design, outdoor trends are changing from time to time depending on what’s new.

As a homeowner, there are several things you can do to turn your outdoor dreams for comfort and entertainment into reality. Most exterior designers would recommend outdoor pavilions, dining areas, and creative lighting, among others.

Make use of your outdoor space and turn it into a beautiful and enjoyable area. Here are 14 hottest outdoor trends you must see.

1. Outdoor Kitchens

A kitchen outside your home is a great opportunity to enjoy the comfortability of cooking meals, making desserts, or grilling barbecue while enjoying fresh air and natural light coming from the sun.

To maximize your outdoor kitchen’s space, invest in a grilling station, brick ovens, and fine-looking countertops. Make your cooking time less stressful with a distinct kitchen that suits your personal style and cooking flair.

(Source: Better Homes and Gardens)


2. Outdoor Dining Area

The dining area is your family’s usual place for conversation, and providing them with a beautiful dining spot outside your home can bring an unforgettable experience. Establish a particular style you want for your outdoor dining room. Keep in mind that it should perfectly embody your motives for setting it outdoors. Stick with unique yet comfortable furniture that will create a welcoming atmosphere for family members and visitors as well.

(Source: Matthew Murray Design)


3. Inventive Outdoor Lighting

Maximize your outdoor space by setting up lights you can use every night or whatever occasion might come in. Don’t just go for a usual light but opt for creative and innovative options instead. Ambiance lighting and illuminations can be perfectly set outdoors, and these add up to an inviting setting.

Change your lightings depending on your mood. Variation of colors and style in light fixtures is timeless, as it creates an amazing atmosphere that catches attention.

(Source: Love Homes)


4. Outdoor Saunas

If you’re the type that wants to enjoy the weekend after a stressful week with a sauna, then investing in it is a smart choice.

An outdoor sauna is perfect for those desiring a comforting experience and relaxation, which is also a must to relieve anxiety.

(Source: How to Build a House Blog)


5. Fireplaces

Perfectly spend the cold evening in your backyard with family and friends circling a fireplace while telling stories and having an enjoyable conversation. This outdoor trend is practical and will certainly give you a memorable experience.

(Source: Home Priority)


6. Wall Gardens

Designing wall gardens is popular among homeowners with limited outdoor areas. It is usually used to add a distinct and colorful environment in small spaces.

Don’t be afraid of using your creativity and imagination in putting up different plants and succulents, so that your wall garden can be your personality’s perfect representation. You may set it up vertically or horizontally as well.

(Source: Design Milk)


7. Herb Gardens

A better way to get fresh herbs is to grow them in your own outdoor space. It’s easy and very convenient to do. You can plant classic herb favorites such as basil, mint, rosemary, and thyme.

Herb gardens not only spice up your kitchen but also transform your open area. These can be grown in pots which you can design creatively. You can also put them in ground to spread them out.

(Source: Era Home Design)


8. Couches and Coffee Tables

Your outdoor space can quickly become a second living room that can be enjoyed by the whole family. Appreciate the nice weather and have a good conversation with friends and relatives, along with a set of cozy furnitures like couches and coffee tables.

(Source: Harvey’s HQ)


9. Outdoor Entertainment System

Experience watching movies, playing games, and listening to good music outside your home without compromising comfort. An outdoor entertainment system can be a total DIY project. Set up your TV screen or projector with an audio system, along with beautiful and comfy couches, and you’re good to go.

(Source: DesignTrends)


10. Outdoor Pavilions

If you want a perfect gathering place for an event or random discussion, an outdoor pavilion is perfect for your home’s contemporary spaces. Relieve stress with a cup of coffee or have a small talk with your family in a pavilion that fits your lifestyle and taste.

Prefab pavilions created by world-class architects, designers, and artists such as Zaha Hadid, Ron Arad, Tom Dixon and Kengo Kuma are also now made available by Revolution Precrafted. Their limited edition, precrafted properties have democratized design and architecture through innovative technologies to offer incredibly designed livable spaces, shipped anywhere in the world.

(Source: Revolution Precrafted)


11. Recreation Amenities

Bring the fun of the usual weekend getaway in your backyard. Outdoor pools, bath tubs, and children’s playground are recreational amenities that you and your family can fully enjoy right in the comfort of your home.

(Source: Laracay)


12. Walkways

Walkways are classic yet practical, and can be a stylish ground of your home’s outside areas. A walkway built of bricks, stones, gravels, or plants adds charm to your garden or landscape. It can go curvy or straight as well depending on your style.

(Source: Come Home in Decorations)

These trends are just some of the things you can do in your outdoor space depending on the availability of resources. Outdoor design can be simple and elegant at the same time. Just use your imagination in creating things that you think will fit your backyard’s capacity and personal style.