Designer Precrafted Homes: The New Prefab Trend

The discourse on prefab home must now go beyond practicality and design flexibility as homebuyers are now more discerning and meticulous. People are learning to see the significance of sustainability, eco-friendliness, and transportability. This inspires prefab home producers to innovate and reinvent to match the needs of modern homebuyers.

A new take on modern prefab home is rising and already setting a trend. By fusing the designer home concept with prefabricated technology, a revolutionary product is born—the designer precrafted home.

Your Home Designed by the World’s Leading Designers

Imagine famous architects and designers like Jean Nouvel, Tom Dixon, and Philip Johnson, designing your private space. You are not only guarantee with a livable home produced with global expertise, but also with an abode that boasts of its world-class architecture and engineering. This is what sets designer precrafted home apart. It makes high-end architecture by global design leaders available to a greater audience with a home that is transportable, collectible, and precrafted.

With this, the need for developers and homeowners to contract Pritzker Prize architects and designers, which could cost them a fortune, is eliminated. A company like Revolution Precrafted has curated a series of precrafted homes designed by the biggest names in the industry, and which they can order right away.

Designer precrafted homes aim to take advantage of the rise in demand for modern prefab homes. In the U.S. alone, annual demands for prefab home is expected to expand by 15% through 2017. In Australia, the prefab market is projected to increase by 5% annually, until 2023.

Modular Glass House by Philip Johnson Alan Ritchie Architects

Owning a Piece of the Designer’s Work

Owning a designer precrafted home is like owning a collectible piece of work from design leaders themselves. What makes the experience different and unique is that you don’t just own it, you live in it.

The value of the property appreciates over time by virtue of the brand it bears.

Fusing Functionality with Global Aesthetics

Designer precrafted homes are not just about aesthetics and designer brands. It fuses modern elegance with improved functionality ensuring that no space is wasted. It transforms art into a livable space.

The many advantages of prefab homes continue to fan its popularity—faster construction, transportability, and design flexibility. All these ensure homeowner’s satisfaction and complete appreciation of their homes.

The Designer Precrafted Home Trend

With the advent of designer precrafted home, the potential of a prefab village or community is realized. Here, an entire community can become a place of art where world-class designs are exhibited and lived through prefab homes. This does not only upgrade the aesthetics of the village but also the whole residential living experience of homeowners.

A visualization of a designer precrafted community by Revolution Precrafted

Look at designer precrafted home as an opportunity for homeowners to own a single unit designed by world-famous artisans or a chance for developers to build a community where global artistry is curated. With producers like Revolution making designer precrafted homes accessible to a larger audience, this unique home concept is feat in the world of real estate.