Philip Johnson’s Glass House Reimagined with a Prefab Home

Seventy years ago, Philip Johnson became a revolutionary of his time by designing one of the pioneering symbols of contemporary architecture. His Glass House, which was originally designed for his master degree thesis, has been considered as an iconic framework shaping modern architecture at present.

Today, Johnson’s first project continues its legacy with the collaboration of Revolution Precrafted and Philip Johnson Alan Ritchie Architects. The project reimagines the original Glass House with a modular home design available to a wide range of luxury homebuyers.

The project is born from the same vision for the original Glass House. It was designed not just to define the basic purpose of providing housing and protection. The bigger picture is to connect individuals to the surrounding natural touches of beauty. It aims to serve as a viewing platform to see and live with one’s surroundings as it is.

Behind the Glass

An established authority in architecture, Philip Johnson (1906-2005) is a force to be reckoned with. He started designing at 36, but his passion for architecture started in his earlier days.

Before becoming an architect, he was a man of many talents: author, critic, director, and historian. He commissioned and collaborated with some of the industry’s best to build time-honored structures, Seagram Building with Mies van der Rohe, AT&T Building (now Sony Tower) with John Burgee, and The New York Pavilion with Richard Foster, to name a few.

Philip Johnson, 1964; photo by Bruce Davidson/Magnum Photos

His daring architectural expertise can be seen in most parts of the world, ranging from high-rise buildings, cultural centers, academic institutions, and residential spaces. His philosophy for modernity and innovation formed his designs and is quintessential to society until now.


The Glass House Reimagined

For over 20 years, Philip Johnson collaborated with Alan Ritchie in various cutting-edge designs. That’s why Johnson was confident to pass his legacy on to Ritchie when he retired in 2004. Under Richie’s leadership, their firm Philip Johnson Alan Ritchie Architects continues to explore and introduce innovative projects.

Philip Johnson Alan Ritchie Architects’ ideologies are centered on quality design, technical excellence, long-term performance, and understanding clients’ wants and needs. Meanwhile, Revolution Precrafted believes that exceptional architecture and first class home engineering must be made available to a larger market. These complementing visions have built the confidence of Philip Johnson Alan Ritchie Architects to entrust Revolution Precrafted with the reimagination of Philip Johnson’s Glass House.

Add to that are the improvements in construction technology, which have helped bridge the gap between high-design and the market. With precrafted technology, more people are able to experience this work of art in various configurations.

To relive the idea for a larger market, the reimagined Glass House takes after the original design, with modular parts that can be pre-fabricated and shipped. It’s constructed with the same groundwork and makings of a prefab home—transportable, environment friendly, state-of-the-art, and original. This latest addition to the prefab market will improve living spaces and lifestyle.

The modular Glass House is a limited-edition precrafted home designed by PJAR for Revolution Precrafted, available in one-, two-, three-, and four-bedroom models. The appeal of the house is on the symbolic window bay and structure, which counts as the outer shell of the home. The design takes on a modernized look, to have an overview of the environment in all rooms and corners.

Living through the Glass

The Glass House has become a quintessential model for architects, designers, and individuals who share the same ideals of a home acting as a platform to dwell with natural fairness.

Living in the Glass House brings you the same residential experience Philip Johnson used to enjoy in his own glass sanctuary. While today’s modernity fosters the notion that home relaxation is synonymous to isolation and seclusion, the Glass House does the other way. It opens you to a new perspective with the peace and daily solace of being connected with your surroundings. The Glass House is more than just a dwelling. It’s your peaceful abode where you can be one with the world.