The Rise of the Prefab Market Around the World [Infographic]

In recent years, the prefab home market has shown a steady rise due to its advantages—energy efficiency, faster construction time compared with stick-built homes, transportability, and more.

This growing market demand in prefabrication around the world grants developers an opportunity to build a community of prefab homes. Given the positive projection in the market, building a community of prefab homes makes for a strong business strategy for developers.

Here’s an infographic that maps out the rise of the prefab market around the world for a clearer understanding of why it is the future of housing.

Prefab homes have come a long way in years. Today, they prove to be a strong choice in a market of home aspirants with solid numbers projecting it to be the future of housing.

They offer homebuyers an alternative way to achieving their dream home with considerable advantages over regular, stick-built houses.

With prefab home producers such as Revolution Precrafted, modern, edgy, yet comfortable dwellings are within any homebuyer’s reach. By showcasing a collection of prefab homes, homeowners are given a chance to preview and select a home they see themselves living in.

Revolution Precrafted unites over 30 of the world’s most prominent architects and interior artists to create an exclusive series of prefab, liveable spaces. It likewise opens up an opportunity for developers to realize their master-planned developments with pre-crafted homes and pavilions to be showcased on their landscapes.

With the prefab market on the rise, the development of prefab communities shows promise.