Lev Libeskind, following in the footsteps of his father, world renowned architect Daniel Libeskind, continues the family business from Italy, where he heads Studio Libeskind Design. Lev cut his teeth on some of his father’s most iconic projects, and has leveraged his experience to become a cutting-edge architect in his own right, with a number of projects around the world, including the Adaptation Villa and Starlight Pavilion for Revolution Precrafted.

Lev has an unorthodox background for an architect; with an undergraduate degree in Egyptology from UCLA, a master’s degree in Architecture from Cambridge University, followed by an MBA from HSG in Switzerland, as well as years working for a US federal district court and an intergovernmental organization.

His design philosophy is simple and twofold: create great architecture and make it profitable for the client and attractive to investors. Lev’s strategy is to actualize designs that are iconic but still tailor-made to the context, to contribute something new and exciting to the urban matrix and stir the imagination of the people living there.

Over the course of the last decade, Lev’s passion for architecture and design has resulted in collaborations with over 70 companies in two dozen countries. He’s worked on projects as diverse as the Jewish Museum Academy in Berlin, the Modern Art Museum of Vilnius, the CityLife Central Tower in Milan, the new train station in Nice, the Master Plan of Dande Port in Angola, and on design products for many famous companies, such as Alessi, Cassina, Fiam, Flexform, Hennessy & Swarovski.

Studio Libeskind Design is currently working on projects in Southeast Asia, the US and Europe.