Nouvel Design in exclusive collaboration with Revolution Precrafted presents “Simple”.

The prefabricated home is a modular shelter, produced as part of a limited edition series for Revolution Precrafted. “Simple” is designed and packaged off-site, delivered in a standard shipping container and easily assembled on-site for the fair.

The structure is comprised of lightweight aluminum exterior panels, a layer of thermally-efficient insulating foam and wooden interior lining. The design is customizable in size and layout, allowing for end-users to define the space to their liking with sliding interior windows and partitions. Collectors can also choose from a variety of interior finishes.

“Housing is the purpose of architecture. What we propose here is the most immediate way to inhabit a space, within a short timeframe, in places that are not designed for residential use today and that become so, spontaneously. All of the essential notions relating to housing must be condensed into a single object that can be built very quickly and inhabited by one, two, three or four people within the same volume.” – Jean Nouvel


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October 13, 2016