Company History – The history of Tange Associates began with the founding of Kenzo Tange Studios in 1946. One of the studio’s first projects was the design of the Hiroshima Peace Park, to commemorate the rise of a new era of peace. Almost 70 years later, the Tange legacy continues with close to 480 projects in 33 countries.  The firm is now headed by Paul Noritaka Tange, the son of Kenzo Tange, who is Chairman and Senior Principal Architect.  In addition to the head office in Tokyo, Tange Associates has offices in Singapore, Taipei, Shanghai and an associated office in Jakarta.

International Experience – Currently, Tange Associates has over 30 on-going projects in ten countries, with the majority being in Asian countries. The firm’s extensive international experience enables it to work effectively worldwide, in all cultures. Its long standing associations with local architectural firms and its familiarity with local building practices is invaluable to Tange Associates’ ability to efficiently undertake small to large scale projects in urban as well as rural areas in all parts of the world.  Paul Tange himself exemplifies the international element of his practice. Born in Tokyo, Japan, and educated in Japan, Switzerland and the U.S., he is a registered architect of both Japan and Singapore.

Tange Associates has project experience in a vast variety of sectors, including government, office and retail, residential, hotel and resort, hospital and health care, educational, cultural, sports, transportation, and production and R&D plants.

Although buildings vary in size and complexity, Tange Associates’ global teams dedicate the same high quality design ethos and service delivery to each client, to each project, to each community. Tange Associates has worked successfully in many countries, and has formed associations with architectural practices in each location, bringing the right skill base, knowledge and track record for the project at the local level.   In addition to experience working with local architectural firms, Tange Associates has longstanding working relationships with international engineering consultants.

Company Philosophy – Tange Associates is committed to the cultivation and beautification of the world’s cities. Not only as architects, but also as city planners, Tange Associates’ long record speaks of the company’s dedication and celebration of aesthetics.

Tange Associates takes pride in each and every one of its designs. They are the result of a creative passion. The company not only draws on its extensive experience, but also continues to explore developments in societal and environmental issues to keep ahead of its time.

Through its endeavours, Tange Associates has come to understand that satisfying the collective needs of society is not enough to produce perfect results for urban planning and architectural design.  A society is after all a group of individuals.  The key to a successful physical environment is the human element.  Listening to the voice of the individual is to respect the foundation of society. Cities will work better and will have more flexibility to adapt to future changes if they can truly accommodate individual comfort. Tange Associates CompanyProfile Tange Associates does not simply refer to established styles for ideal architecture and urban
form. It develops the individual aspirations of its clients into optimum structures that will also address the needs of society and inspire all who enter.

Each of Tange Associates’ designs is the result of specific solutions and considerations developed in response to specific requirements and conditions presented by the individual project.

Tange Associates listens before it creates – it listens to create, and it has made its commitment to assist more people in making their architectural and urban dreams come true.  Iconic Architecture – A view of the Singapore skyline, the Central Business District or CBD area of Shinjuku, Tokyo or the newly developed Tokyo waterfront is sufficient to recognize Tange Associates’ talent for creating iconic architecture that leaves its permanent mark on the cityscape.

In Singapore, the Tange designed UOB Plaza, OUB Centre skyscrapers and Telecom Tower, are among the tallest buildings in Singapore, and identify the Singapore skyline. Tange Associates’ new 38 storey tower addition to the OUB Centre recently completed in 2011, taking its place within the skyline as the newly appointed One Raffles Place.

In the city of Tokyo, the Shinjuku area is known for its density of skyscrapers. Within that area, three Tange buildings, the Tokyo Metropolitan Offices (City Hall), the Tokyo Park Tower and the recently completed Mode Gakuen Cocoon Tower are the most dramatic and well recognized.  The buildings appear in all forms of film and print media as the identifying symbols of Tokyo.

In the recently developed Odaiba area of Tokyo stand two Tange works. Tokyo Fashion Town and the Fuji Television Headquarters Building, with its distinctive sphere, that has become the landmark of the waterfront, easily visible from the surrounding roadways and waterways.

Boundless Art pavilion