5 Reasons to Love Designer Prefab Homes

Home is where the heart is, so the saying goes. It’s where everything starts – where you build your dreams, your aspirations, your family, your life.

Today, people don’t just look for a home that can provide a space to live. They desire livable spaces that match their unique lifestyle. This same passion drives the artists behind designer prefab homes to produce exquisitely beautiful living spaces you can call home.

A lot of design planning and creative reflection go into creating these masterpieces to exude style, elegance, comfort, harmony, energy, radiance, and all the other home elements that modern-day dwellers are looking for. Here are some of the best things you would love about designer prefab homes:

1. Quality and Design

Builders of prefab homes have the best quality and design in mind for their customers. Safety engineers work with the design team to make sure that prefab structures meet quality standards without sacrificing the creative workmanship of the property.

You can even have prefab homes designed by world-famous architects and artists like Jean Nouvel, Marcel Wanders, and Tom Dixon who collaborated with Revolution Precrafted, a producer of designer prefab homes. With this, you are guaranteed that your home design is a product of meticulous planning and global talent. From the floor plan, the material finishes, to the overall look of the whole structure—all these details will definitely suit everyone’s fancy.

A prototype of Eden by Marcel Wanders

2. Quick to Build

Time is a luxury money can’t buy and prefab homes allow you to save that. Unlike traditional homes, which take six months to one year to construct, you can move into your designer prefab home in as little as three months. This is because all materials are engineered and manufactured in a factory prior to the actual home installation. Thus, creators and builders do not have to deal with on-site issues, bad weather conditions, or other similar delays.

Site installation only ranges from a number of days to a couple of weeks, depending on the location. As with all developments, a thorough understanding of the location and proper site development must be undertaken prior to installation.

3. Cost-effective

Unlike the popular notion that designer prefab homes cost a fortune, the truth is that it is more cost efficient compared to conventional houses.

Since the entire production process is significantly quick, you can avoid unnecessary expenses related to volatile material costs, extended labor services, accidental damage, and other unforeseen charges.

To further save on cost, you may want to make sure that your site already has provisions for electricity, heating, plumbing, sewage, and that the foundation for the structure is established.

A prototype of Simple by Jean Nouvel

4. Transportability

Thinking of moving to somewhere more peaceful and isolated without parting with your designer prefab home? This is one huge advantage you can enjoy as a prefab home owner. Wherever you choose to move, you don’t have to give up the home you have come to love.

The components of prefab structures make for their transportability, so you’re not restricted to staying in a particular area if you’d rather explore other opportunities or another way of life somewhere else.

5. Long-lasting Maintenance

The designs of prefab homes are not the only ones made timeless. The integrity of the home structures are also guaranteed to be reliable.  In fact, all building materials must pass safety and engineering standards to make sure your home remains durable and strong under any circumstance, and designs must adhere to country-specific building codes.

Again, designer prefab homes are built to meet the need for a functional, livable home with aesthetics envisioned by world-famous design leaders. It’s an offering to those who desire to combine art and design with home lifestyle. With its distinct qualities, it’s never hard to love a home that brings a designer experience.