Revolution Reinvents Modern Modular with Paulo Mendes da Rocha & METRO

Two of the most respected names in global architecture collaborate with Revolution Precrafted again to advocate modernist architecture. Paulo Mendes da Rocha and METRO Architects joined hands to produce another world-class design to add to Revolution Precrafted’s collection of modern prefab homes.

Named the Modular Living Unit, the prefab design is an answer to the need for a home that suits a variety of living situations. It combines Mendes da Rocha’s penchant for physical and stylistic timelessness and METRO’s pursuit of the best environmental performance.

Modular Design Built for Any Environment

With reduced design complexities and a refined construction approach, the Modular Living Unit is a flexible, multi-functional prefab home that can be assembled in a diverse range of environments, weather conditions, and living arrangements. The modularity of its structural design makes the home suitable to either a wide rural space or a limited urban zone.

Built with a simple structural frame, the Modular Living Unit allows a wide number of combinations connected through multiple units across or extended into a two-story one. This enables the project to meet different spatial needs of homeowners. More importantly, the Modular Living Unit offers its dwellers privacy, but also lets them connect to the life outside of their home.

“Some of the prefabs are very rigid. You have only one way of putting the pieces together, and that defines the spaces. This great difference of this project is that you can really transform the way that you connect pieces to create bigger spaces or smaller spaces. It’s like Lego, where you can add pieces and blocks, and transform things. Its a characteristic that not all prefab structures have,” says METRO founder Martin Corullon.

The tone of the exterior may be set in white, gray, and black, while the interiors are made with a combination of concrete, glass, and wooden panels. The composing elements are designed to ensure ease of transportation and minimal use of supporting equipment during installation. Finally, the concrete panels of the system are built to withstand any climate—from tropical to temperate.

Collaboration of ‘starchitects’

The Modular Living Unit is a product of Revolution Precrafted’s smart collaboration with two of the biggest names in the global architecture and design scene—Paulo Mendes da Rocha and METRO.

One of Brazil’s most celebrated living architect, Paulo Mendes da Rocha has an illustrious career spanning six decades. One of his most known works is the Brazilian Sculpture Museum (MuBE) in São Paulo completed in 1995.

He is the winner of the Pritzker Prize in 2006, the Golden Lion for Lifetime Achievement at the Venice Architecture Biennale in 2016, and most recently, the 2017 Royal Gold Medal from the Royal Institute of British Architects.

Photo credit to Mariana Maltoni

The Modular Living Unit is not the first project done in close partnership between Mendes da Rocha and METRO. The two have been collaborating since 1994 when they joined hands for the 30a São Paulo Bienal and have worked together in many projects after that, such as the Quay of Arts and the New Galeria Leme.

METRO is run by architects Martin Corullon, Gustavo Cedroni, Helena Cavalheiro, and Marina Ioshii. The team have worked on projects ranging from commercial, institutional, and cultural. Their clientele includes São Paulo Biennale Foundation, Nestlé, Votorantim, and MASP ( São Paulo Museum of Art) among many others. Together, Mendes da Rocha and METRO collaborate to advance traditional modernist architecture that are in sync with contemporary issues.


With respected names behind it and as a prefab structure that addresses unique dwelling needs, the Modular Living Unit is a testament to the principles of its designers. After all, Paulo Mendes da Rocha once said, “Every problem requires thinking, not ready-made solutions.”