11 Genius Home Décor Hacks You Must Know

The fun part in owning a house is being able to decorate your space as you please. Whether you live in a traditional or prefabricated home, your space demands your attention.

Often, we consult with interior designers since they know better. But for simple upgrades, many design tricks are easy to pull off without seeking professional help, and sometimes, these are the ones that stand out.

Here’s a list of smart hacks to address small design problems and give your home an instant makeover. You don’t have to be an interior designer to do this. You only need creativity, resourcefulness and an eye for beautiful design.

1. Organize your stuff to make an indoor garden with command hooks.

Command hooks are functional and is easy to install anywhere. Just choose the area where you want to hang your pots and stick the hooks. No need to drill a hole or call someone else to do this for you.

(Source: Buzzfeed)


2. Tie your curtains with old rhinestone necklaces.

To get a vintage feel in your space, repurpose old rhinestone accessories and use them to tie your curtains. It’s a quick way to get a new look. Indeed, you never know when old accessories can come in handy.

(Source: Pinterest)


3. Replace your pots every season.

If you love plants but are easily bored with the same pot you see every season, why not reinvent?

Either you buy cheap yet beautiful pots from the supermarket or redesign an old pale and turn them into pops of colors such as these.

(Source: Hometalk)


4. Upgrade your hangers with colored tape.

Colored tape is not just for scrapbooks. Be creative and use them to prettify anything in your home, including hangers!

Choose from the different colors and designs to enjoy your mini DIY project. Or if you’re out of colored tape, try other materials like strings.

(Source: Spark and Chemistry)


5. Transform an old table with decoupage.

Instead of buying furniture with ornate designs, spark your creativity with a decoupage project. It’s easy, cheap, and fulfilling to do.

Paste cut-out objects such as wrapping paper, magazine clippings, thin fabric pieces, tissue paper, and a decoupage paper on a flat surface. Then coat the surface with several layers of varnish or lacquer to give depth to the finished product and make the patterns appear more natural.

It’s best to do a decoupage project when you want your home to look artsy and unique.

(Source: Laminas Decoupage)


6. Use wine bottles as hanging vases.

Wondering how to make those empty wine bottles useful? Here’s a pro designer tip: clean the bottles, thread them together with a wire or drill on the wall, and voila! You get yourself eclectic hanging vases

This may be tricky, though, so you might consider leaving the bottles on the table top. Either way, they look gorgeous with flowers.

(Source: Wanelo)


7. Use washi tape as picture frames.

Washi tape is your above-average, cute Japanese masking tape. Unlike the regular colored tape that is usually flashy, washi tape colors are either bright or subdued. It comes in varied designs too.

Replace heavy oak frames with washi tapes and see your wall transform into an art.

(Source: Design Sponge)


8. Dye your old muslin cloth to make a new curtain.

Muslin cloths are often used for grocery bags, but it does not mean they can’t be cool additions to your home décor.

Wash the cloth clean and dye it in your favorite shade or any color that complements your home design. Hang it onto rods and command hooks. What you get is a personalize curtain design.

(Source: Craftsy)


9. Design your walls with toilet rolls.

Do not throw those tissue rolls just yet. Use them to transform your wall into an attractive work of art. Simply paint the core of the tissue rolls and fold them to whatever design you want.

(Source: WooHome)


10. Hang colored bottles as chandeliers.

Also called rainbow chandelier, colored bottles give off a soft glow in the room when cut in half and grouped together with light bulbs. The work the same way as a regular chandelier except that they look chic. Just be careful when connecting the bulbs together!

(Source: Modge Podge Rocks Blog)


11. Hang a mirror in your living room.

Mirrors create an illusion of bigger space in rooms by reflecting light. It creates an airy touch and is perfect when you keep potted plants in your space as well.

Both design hacks add to the modern Zen feel of your home. Revolution provides more tips on how to make small spaces seem bigger.

(Source: Tuzzor)

Give your space the attention it needs. Follow these design hacks or come up with your own. What’s important is that your space reflects your unique personality.