Top 100 Interior Design Blogs and Websites to Follow Now

Trends in interior design are always changing and evolving. New styles emerge, adding to an already awesome collection of design practices and approaches.

For design enthusiasts, professionals, and even homeowners, an eye for interior design requires continued learning and staying abreast of the new trends to further one’s knowledge and skills. Thanks to interior design blogs and websites; we are provided with a rich array of online resources we can read anytime.

To ultimately broaden your perspective in interior designing, here’s a list of the top 100 blogs and websites (in no particular order) that you should follow and bookmark now.


Dezeen is an online architecture and design magazine launched in November 2006 by Marcus Fairs, a furniture design graduate and author of the Twenty-First Century Design and Green Design.

Since then, Dezeen has been recognized as one of the most famous and influential e-magazines worldwide—having more than 1.75 million website visitors per month because of its articles about architecture, interior, and design projects from different parts of the world.

Apartment Therapy 

From the usual home and interior design ideas, tips, and tutorials found on other sites, Apartment Therapy extends their offerings with their house tours that feature amazing homes of people from all over the world.

Maxwell Ryan, known as the “apartment therapist,” together with his brother, Oliver, launched this blog in April 2004. Their main objective was to share Maxwell’s expertise in designing to help people build a good life.


If you’re more interested in design and architecture than interiors, then Freshome is perfect for you! With their collection of over 90,000 photos of amazingly constructed homes and buildings worldwide, you’ll definitely be inspired in your upcoming architectural projects.

Founded by Romanian entrepreneur Micle-Mihai Cristian in 2007, Freshome has become among the leading interior design and architecture online magazines today with more than 3.8 million monthly visits.


Give your clients their dream home by taking inspiration from Houzz’s collection of beautiful homes. Aside from these images, Houzz’s founders, Adi, and Alon, also present the site as a network where visitors can find and connect with the right architect, designer, or constructor for their needs.

With over 35 million homeowners, design enthusiasts, and home improvement experts from around the world, you can certainly bring about successful projects for your customers.


This interior design and architecture web magazine, started by Alex Ion in 2009, delivers daily inspiration for everyone in the industry. Every room in your house—from the bedroom, bathroom, and the kitchen will certainly look beautiful with their furniture and lighting ideas.

Not only does Decoist provide home design tips, but they also feature offices to help make your workplace beautiful.

Design Milk

If you’re all about modern design, then Design Milk is the best site for you. From the interiors, architecture, art, furniture, décor, technology, and fashion—this online magazine has everything you need, with its collections from all around the world.

Founded by Jaime Derringer, Design Milk directs users to the website, allowing them to inquire directly from them.

Design Boom 

Design Boom is the first and most popular digital architecture and design magazine founded back in 1999 by Birgit Lohmann, with the purpose of bringing together young creatives and professionals from a diverse range of backgrounds.

With over 33,000 published articles of comprehensive information, insightful interviews, studio visits, documentation of new products, historical surveys, and reviews of exhibitions and books, everything you need to know can be found right here.

Style by Emily Henderson 

Homestyle expert, stylist, author, and TV host, Emily Henderson, believes that a room is soulless without a touch of vintage or antique. Further, if an individual piece of furniture is functional, beautiful, and sentimental, then it is a design magic.

Learn how you can incorporate a vintage-inspired home design by reading through this blog and watching its videos.

Design Sponge

Launched in August 2004 by Grace Bonney, Design Sponge earns over a million readers daily, with more than 150,000 RSS readers, 279,000+ Facebook followers, 518,000+ Twitter followers, 625,000 followers on Instagram, and 182,000 on Pinterest—this design blog deserves a spot in your list of following.

The New York Times has also recognized design Sponge as the “Martha Stewart Living for the Millennials.”

Design Tripper

Design Tripper by Meghan McEwen began because of two reasons—she loves to check out other people’s homes, and she considers “common crossroads” as the intersection of travel and design.

Reading through this blog will give you an idea of how homes in Bahamas, Indiana, Croatia, Mozambique, Sri Lanka, and many more countries look like.

A Beautiful Mess

Two sisters, Elsie Larson and Emma Chapman, started A Beautiful Mess in 2007 to create happiness every day with a natural lifestyle. Aside from several inspiring home décor projects, this blog also offers tips on photography, blogging, arts and crafts, and fashion.

By reading through this, you’ll get to know more about the girls behind the brand, and even win giveaways on their sponsored posts.

La Dolce Vita 

Paloma Contreras launched this interior design blog in 2007 where she showcases her distinct eye for style described as effortlessly polished and refined.

She also shares her interviews with other interior designers in La Dolce Vita to give more information to her readers.

Dwell Beautiful 

For DIY tutorials on crafts and interior design tips, Dwell Beautiful by Erica Sooter is where you can find helpful advice on all things related. Her personal experiences, together with her husband, can be read on this blog which you can use in your homes too.

Check out the “Think and Make Thursday” section to find excellent craft ideas compiled from a huge variety of blogs.


Established in 2006 by Holly Becker, Decor8 was initially created for the purpose of documenting her personal decorating inspirations.

Since then, Becker has been recognized as a design blog movement pioneer for delivering inspiration for every room in the house with its gorgeous images.

Design Chic

A mother and daughter tandem from North Carolina runs Design Chic. They believe that your home should be surrounded by the things that you love so that you can freely express yourself and to find meaning in your life.

Also, a home doesn’t necessarily have to big. Instead it should be authentic. Create a home that can give you purpose without risking its design by reading through Design Chic’s posts.

Design Therapy

Being in the interior design business for 13 years, Brad Ford created Design Therapy to become a source for informative, creative, and inspiring designs.

With his experiences, especially the educational and uplifting ones, drew Ford into a modern sensibility that’s equally warm and soulful.

Burlap and Lace

Shannon Claire believes that everyone’s taste, whether in fashion, food, and interior design evolves over time, which is why she created Burlap and Lace to become her creative outlet.

Learn about the past trends and how things evolved today to get a grasp of how things were like before.

Design Lovers

Design Lovers is a blog for interior design, styling, trends, and lifestyle by interior designers Samantha and Jill.

Both having a good eye for design and interior overhaul, this blog contains fantastic interiors from around the world, as well as some zany stuff that their readers love.

Design Hunter 

Helen Powell launched this award-winning, UK-based design and lifestyle blog in 2009. With central themes of luxury and modern design, Design Hunter isn’t all about interiors and architecture, as it covers lifestyle products, fashion, and travel too.

Powell also believes that the objects surrounding us add value to our home by making it an inviting and restful place of sanctuary.


Get inspiration from this blog, as they help people visualize, create, and maintain excellent homes.

With amazing visuals of cool houses, particular spaces, architectural marvels, and new design trends, you can deliver the best home for them.


This wide-ranging, home-focused site was launched in 2008. Since then, Homedit already has over 120,000 photos and 14,000 published articles to help their readers beautify their homes.

This blog also encourages homeowners to unleash their creativity in designing and personalizing their space to achieve their dream home.

Architectural Digest

Launched back in 1920, Architectural Digest truly has an immeasurable influence throughout the world of interior design.

You can get the latest news on celebrity homes, high-end real estates, art and cultural events, and travel destinations here.

702 Park Project

From being a digital scrapbook for the 1902 historic home restoration during its launch in February 2013, Sarah’s 702 Park Project has significantly grown into a resource for interiors, renovations, DIY projects, and many more.

Take a look at the author’s home and learn from her tips and interviews with various interior designers.

Abigail Ahern

Abigail Ahern, following her blog’s name, is one of the most influential blogs in the United Kingdom, as it has become her channel where she showcases her eclectic taste in interiors.

An interesting section here is the “House Crush,” which contains unique interiors of homes from all over the world.

Designer Trapped in a Lawyer’s Body

Tasha, who’s obviously an attorney, believes that people shouldn’t be stereotyped based on what they do for a living, especially if you’re well aware that you are creative enough to do DIY projects.

Learn about different DIY craft projects, furniture projects, home décor projects, and many more, as shared by Tasha on her blog.

Little Red Brick House

Because of Sarah’s love for designing and styling, she has created the Little Red Brick House as a venue to inspire readers to find their own unique style and express their creativity in creating their homes.

Become a DIY expert by reading Sarah’s posts and getting ideas on her projects and rooms.

Addison Meadows Lane

If costs hinder you in decorating your home, then this blog is a must-read! Learn about decorating on a budget by visiting Stacey’s blog, Addison Meadows Lane.

With her several DIY ideas like upcycling and repurposing furniture, you can certainly give your home an upgrade!

Lovely Etc.

For more DIY tips you can do in your homes, check out Lovely Etc. too by Carrie! As an author, Carrie believes that you can turn your tired house into a haven by just taking on DIY decors.

Be inspired by her projects and learn how to make use of old stuff to create that beautiful home you’ve always dreamed of.

Petite Modern Life

Karisa, a DIY enthusiast, shares her experiences on house remodeling and decorating on her blog, the Petite Modern Life.

Aside from these helpful tips, all her advice are also budget-friendly—proving that she really is a DIY maven.

Table and Hearth

Lily, the author of Table and Hearth, is actually a full-time biologist with an interest in doing DIY craft projects. On her blog, you’ll pick up some décor tips, have a look inside her home, and even learn new recipes.

All her blog posts are accompanied by stunning images that would make you want to pin everything.


As a mom of three, Leigh Anne still manages to sneak in some DIY projects in between cooking and other house chores.

Since she’s also from West Virginia, she shares what particular sort of interiors are trending among its residents to give professionals new ideas.

Sypsie Designs

Two sisters just outside of Detroit, Michigan, Jodie and Paige, started Sypsie Designs as their little creative venture to share their love for decorating their house and working on furniture.

From creating a boxwood flower box to DIY headboards, Jodie also shared how her home with her fiancé, Matt, become a beautiful place to live in.

DIY Passion

The couple, Erin, and Dan, shares their story of how they transformed their house into a home through various building projects.

In DIY Passion, you’ll be guided on how to declutter, clean, and organize your home to have the most comfortable life.


Decorology’s site design actually echoes the minimalist interiors that its blog posts feature. With its abundant images included in every post, you’ll certainly find tons of inspiration each time you visit the site.

Check out its round-up content featured in August 2015 to have a good start.

Dwelling in Happiness

Given its blog name, each time you visit Dwelling in Happiness will give you happiness, and much more for its author, Amanda.

From DIY projects, interior decorating, organizational tips, and free printables, among other content, you can also engage should you need more information or have questions about particular topics.

Funky Junk Interiors

To be well-informed in repurposing old items and turning it into useful pieces, do not forget to include Funky Junk Interiors in your must-visit sites.

Donna, the owner of this blog, is proud of her furnished home filled of junk she found and turned into new things. Do the same with your own things by reading this blog and learning how to achieve the same results.

Habitually Chic

Interior designer Heather Clawson created Habitually Chic in 2007 with glamour as its central theme. Not only does this blog focus on interior projects done by Heather regularly, it actually features designs for all things in life that she loves.

Contemporary pieces from different countries like Madrid, some tips about fashion, jewelry, traveling, and Heather’s visits to art museums can be found on this site.

Graceful Order

Maria, the woman behind Graceful Order, is all about sharing decorating advice for different parts of your home and tips on cleaning, decluttering, and organizing it.

She believes that a balanced life is essential. Thus, having an order in her home with a touch of grace.

Bless’er House

Born and raised in South Carolina, Lauren of Bless’er House, says that if she ever had all the money in the world, she’ll create DIY projects for as long as she wants.

Their house, which started as a completely fresh slate, was actually a DIY project by her and husband.

Virginia Sweet Pea

Virginia Sweet Pea by homebody Paula is a wide-ranging blog that features delicious home recipes, DIY home tips, and upcycling projects.

Aside from her love for cooking, she also enjoys reading, gardening, sewing, and doing physical activities like running, biking, and tennis. So, expect to see these topics on her blog too!

Mad About the House

Mad About the House is by interior and design journalist Kate Watson-Smyth. One section in her blog, the weekly “10 Beautiful Rooms” is a reader favorite because of its amazing features.

Having also an interior styling consultancy, you may send Kate images of how you would want your home to look like, then she’ll advise you on where or how you can create that look.

Love Nordic

Love Nordic, although is an interior design blog in general, features various pieces of interior styling and photography from Nordic countries too.

With its large and bright images, you might never stop pinning it to your own Pinterest boards.

Little Green Notebook

A design blogger and decorator from New York, Jenny Komenda, shares with her readers the upgrades she did in her home, along with tips on upcycling old pieces of furniture.

As a flea market lover, she admits that this is where she buys her furniture which she modifies through DIY and probably a lot of elbow grease.

Making It In The Mountains

While Kristi used to live with her family in the Kootenay Mountains, her current home is still surrounded by forest.

Since they recently got a “fixer-upper,” she shares on her blog how they’ll transform it into a beautiful family home as part of her numerous home projects and craft tutorials.

Manhattan Nest

Daniel Kanter started Manhattan Nest in 2010 while he was in his college dorm in Manhattan. In 2013, Kanter did the craziest yet exciting thing ever by buying an 1865 fixer-upper in Hudson River Valley in Kingston, New York.

Since then, he has been into home renovations which you’ll be seeing a lot in his blog, along with beautiful photographs.

Moon to Moon

Moon to Moon by Gabi is all about bohemian interiors, with an eclectic mix of the most magnificent interiors from all around the world.

Having over 35,000 visitors per month, along with 29,000 Facebook visitors and 260,000 followers on Pinterest, Moon to Moon is a must-read for all bohemian lovers.

Plaster & Disaster

Two Bostonian couples, Naomi and Brad, and Sage and Sam, prove that DIY home improvement projects are bound to experience disasters along the way.

In Plaster & Disaster, you’ll see how they have overcome interior issues and bring about progress despite not having prior experience in interior design.


Remodelaholic, a blog by Cassity, is all about reducing, reusing, recycling, repurposing, and remodeling things on a tight budget.

Already on her fifth house project, rest assured that Cassity really knows how to get the job done.


Remodelista claims to be “the sourcebook for considered living” with design, architecture, and DIY interior inspirations you can apply to each room in the house.

Aside from that, you can also get shopping tips with items carefully selected by Remodelista’s editors.

Retro Renovation

If you want to remodel or redecorate your home and give it a mid-century or vintage style, then Retro Renovation is the best site for you.

Learn how you can transform your home with the makeovers featured here—from your bathroom, kitchen, and all rooms you wish to change.

Sawdust Girl

Learn how to build like a girl by reading Sandra’s blog, the Sawdust Girl. With a home that’s currently a work in progress and a lot of remodeling tips, you can certainly make your house into your dream home.

Aside from reading through Sandra’s content, you can also download plans on Sawdust Girl, which you can use as references.

That’s My Letter

While Jaime’s not busy being a mom to three, she’s occupied with her building, painting, and sewing projects. In her imaginative DIY blog, That’s My Letter, you’ll see her creative side by taking on handmade crafts and renovating old furniture.

Not only does she offer great tips for other mothers, but she also shares some DIY activities for kids.

The Design Sheppard

Stacey gives a round-up of the very best in interior design on her blog, The Design Sheppard. So, if you want to know everything in the world of interiors, from the furniture, lights, and products, bookmark this blog now.

All the tips you can get here are workable in terms of budget and tasks, as proven by Stacey’s successful projects.

Little Miss Homes

Little Miss Homes is run by Laura, an interior designer and property developer from London. Here, you’ll learn about the interior trends outside the UK, as per Laura’s first-hand experience.

You’ll also see Laura’s projects that show off her well-honed skills in creating amazing interiors you would want for your home.

The Chromologist

Chromologist is defined as the one who translates the meaning of color, thus the central focus of The Chromologist. Here, you’ll see a stunning line-up of posts that delve deeply into the colorful world of interiors.

By browsing through this blog, you might be eager to pick up your paint brushes and start splashing colors all around your house.

Homes & Hues

With Homes & Hues’ more than a thousand images that come in the form of “listicles” (articles made up of lists), you’ll certainly spend a lot of time browsing through this blog!

From getting amazed by photos of modern castles to wanting to spend a night or two in romantic hotels, and discovering home hacks, everything you need about interior designing is here.

My Friend’s House

My Friend’s House features the different processes involved in redecorating a home, along with some decorating dilemmas and real reveals.

Aside from this, there’s also a “roving reporter” section that presents homes and architectures from all around the world.

Dear Designer

Upon visiting Carole King’s Dear Designer, you’ll actually think that its blog layout is very similar to Pinterest’s format.

Its collection boasts inspiration not only for home designs, but also hotel interiors, new products, shopping websites, and designer portfolios.


Bright.Bazaar by Will Taylor was founded in 2009 to become a great site to visit when you’re looking for bright and colorful inspirations for your designs.

Aside from offering home interior ideas, Bright.Bazaar also has travel and fashion categories where Will shares his unique perspective.

Patchwork Harmony

Caroline Rowland’s Patchwork Harmony is a blog dedicated to inexpensive interior projects ever since its launch in 2008.

With thrifty and vintage as its themes, Caroline shares her craft projects along with her favorite homewares and vintage finds to her readers.

Pippa Jameson Interiors

An experienced interior stylist, Pippa Jameson, promises nothing but the best content on her blog.

With skills on design concepts, trend forecasting, mood boards, and set design to name a few, Pippa sure knows everything in the field.

Swoon Worthy

Award winning UK interior designer, Kimberly Duran, shares her interior obsession on her blog, the Swoon Worthy.

Kimberly’s “eclectic boho glam” taste makes her site stand out from tons of interior design blogs out there.

The Interior DIYer

Alex is an interior designer, DIYer, and cat lover! In her blog, Alex shares her expert eye when it comes to determining design trends, along with occasionally sharing pictures of her cats.

Her readers can also use her easy and affordable DIY projects for their home into their DIY activities.

Mademoiselle Poirot

Carole Poirot of Mademoiselle Poirot can always be seen with a handy camera. Her incredible photos of interiors tell a lot about her knowledge and skills not only in interior design but in photography too.

Her interests aren’t also limited to interiors, as it includes styling, food, and painting as well.

French For Pineapple

If you’re looking for an ultimate resource on how you a Victorian home can be redecorated and reinvented, then French For Pineapple by textile designer, Bianca Hall, should be on top of your list.

Her DIY projects and incredible treasures she’s unearthed will surely inspire you to unleash your creativity.

Bliss At Home

Founder of Bliss At Home, stylist, design lover, and a maker of things, Kristin, believes that in order for a home to become a place you’ll adore, it should follow your personal style.

Thus, Kristin helps her readers how to hone their designing skills by building foundations that would stand the test of time.

Because It’s Awesome

Bia is a graphic designer behind the blog Because It’s Awesome. With content ranging from discussions about design, art, interiors, brass addiction, and other awesome things, it’s likely that you’ll be staying a while on this site.

Fantastic images of interiors and eye-catching art are also among the things to expect in this blog that will surely fascinate you.

Suzanne Designs

UK-based interior designer, Suzzy Smith, appreciates personal style. On her blog, you’ll see some tips on cutting the clutter, upcycling old furniture, and creating an inexpensive bathroom spa.

You can also ask Suzanne for practical advice as this is part of her job. It’s like getting a free consultation!

Hannah in the House

Hannah Trickett is a freelance stylist, designer, and author of Hannah in the House. Being heavily influenced by Scandinavian and minimalistic design, her blog is all about these design tenets, which follow a simplistic layout.

So, if you’re looking for a minimalistic look that’s still elegant to use for your DIY projects, then this is the perfect site for you!

Suna Interior Design

This blog is run by Suna Interior Design, an award winning boutique interior design consultancy based in London.

With its up-to-date content that showcases a lot of great interior design and architecture, you’ll certainly be updated with the latest and upcoming trends.

Victoria McGinley

To have a San Francisco perspective, then you should definitely visit Victoria McGinley’s blog that’s been launched back in 2008.

With its numerous articles on interior design and actionable tips, along with some stories about beauty, culture, and food, you can certainly have a good life by just reading through this site.

Lauren Liess: Pure Style Home

Decorator and owner of an interior design studio and textile company in Great Falls Virginia, Lauren Liess, believes that the little details make a home feel loved, just as much as how it affect one’s quality of life.

On her blog, you’ll see how she transforms her home, the designs she’s worked on in other homes and buildings, as well as her family life, among others.

Amber Interiors

Amber Lewis is a Los Angeles-based interior designer, company owner, and author of the blog, Amber Interiors.

Having more than ten years of experience in design, and extensive traveling allowed her to bring international design influence to the table, which she gladly shares on her site.


Having the best collection in lifestyle, Quintessence by Stacey Bewkes, is all about architecture, interiors, art, fashion, and more.

From images of spectacular homes, book reviews, personal stories, be prepared to get hook on this blog.

McGrath II

Interior designers and book authors, Suzanne and Lauren McGrath are the two wonderful women behind McGrath II.

The reason for creating this blog is that they want to help readers create a home that they’ll love by sharing their adventures on weekend antique excursions, great trade resources, and giving tips on to turn your house into a home.

Madcap Cottage

Run by John Loecke and Jason Oliver Nixon, Madcap Cottage focuses on content about the whimsical use of color and pattern.

With interiors influenced by regions and periods from around the world, you won’t get tired of browsing through this site when finding inspirations for your projects.

Molly & The Princess

This UK lifestyle and interiors blog features home décor, product reviews, and interior design inspirations with a central theme of a simple but stylish living.

Aside from these, there’s also a good amount of content for art and craft, food and drink, home and garden, and travel and leisure to name a few.


Postliving by Nick is where interior design meets urban style. With images on what inspires and motivates Nick, you won’t only get an idea of fantastic architectures, but also get a feel of urban culture and good products.

There are also short interviews included in Postliving to provide readers more insights.

Cate St Hill

Cate St Hill is a London-based design and interiors blogger, with a regular day job in architecture and design journalism. She’s constantly on the lookout for light, bright, and happy homes.

From simply having this blog as a personal mood board, it has now become a blog that features a slightly bohemian and somewhat minimal home style.

Flat 15

Gabriella Palumbo’s blog, the Flat 15, is where she shares her passion for great design, original style, and overall happy living.

In this site, you’ll stumble upon a lot of inspiring interiors and contemporary art which you’ll want to do in your home.

We Love Home

Maxine Brady, a Brighton-based interior stylist and blogger, owns the blog, We Love Home.

This blog has plenty of wonderful content that ranges from product picks, home renovation tips, and helpful tutorial videos that can help you in making a better home.

Yasmin Chopin

A well-known and well-respected interior designer from Cambridge, Yasmin Chopin, shares all the wonderful ideas she has in mind on her blog.

With its web design similar with Pinterest, readers are presented a nice overview of the latest content that Yasmin posted.

The Beat That My Heart Skipped

East London-based journalist and trend forecaster for the design industries Rohini Wah established The Beat That My Heart Skipped in 2007.

Considering that London is home to over a thousand of amazing designers and design businesses, Rohini can name several influences for her content choices on topics like inspiring homes, ultra-modern trends, lifestyle, traveling, and food, among others.

Nesting Place

With Nesting Place’s motto, “It doesn’t have to be perfect to be beautiful,” all you need to have a wonderful home is a combination of excellent design and carefully curated furniture.

Myquillyn, The Nester, started this blog in November 2007 to encourage readers to be creative with their homes and not be afraid to invest in fantastic pieces of furniture, believing that everyone wants to have a lovely house.

Ems Designblogg

Ems Designblogg has been around since 2005 and is Sweden’s oldest interior design blog that focuses on Scandinavian style, soft minimalism, and amazing functionalism.

Here, you’ll find inspirational and aspirational images from different parts of the world that would make you want to travel to see everything for yourself.

The Selby

A photographer, director, illustrator, and traveler, Todd Selby, began this blog in June 2008 as a site where he can post images of his friends he took in their homes.

The Selby then became influential, having over 100,000 visitors daily, which earned him collaborations with the biggest companies in the world like Louis Vuitton, Microsoft, and Ikea.

SF Girl By Bay

Blogger, photographer, photo stylist, design junkie, and flea market queen, Victoria Smith, is an SF girl who’s currently residing in Los Angeles.

Her blog, the SF Girl By Bay, is among the leading interior design blogs in the west coast with art, photography, and design resources, as well as stories about home entertaining, product reviews, and shopping tips.

Room to Bloom

Dutch interior designer, Ursula, created Room to Bloom to help families in designing their children’s room.

As she shares her work, ideas, and inspiration on this blog, alongside some photographs and short interviews with children, you’ll find the best style fitted for your kid.

Heart Home

Before Heart Home became an interior décor blog, it was actually a monthly digital magazine when it was launched in September 2011. Aside from design as its main topic, it also covers food, travel, shopping, and hotel reviews.

Despite having limited resources, you can still have a beautiful home as long as you incorporate your personality into it.


Décorenvy is an interiors blog dedicated to those who are bored of the high street. So, if you want your home to stand out from your friends’ usual décor and furniture, then you’ve come to the right site.

With current trends posted on the blog such as having an origami pot and retro travel posters, you certainly won’t run out of ideas when you decide to redecorate your home.

My Unique Home

Multi-award winning mumpreneur, Kiran Singh, is the editor-in-chief of My Unique Home. As a blogger and mother, she believes that everyone deserves a beautiful, healthy, and happy home.

With her 15 years of experience in interior design, rest assured that all her advice and proposed plans would be something that you’ll love.

Making Spaces

Karen Knox’s Making Spaces delivers excellent design ideas to the “real world” masses. Having a background in the arts and creative industries, she definitely has an excellent eye for design, which can be described as quirky yet practical.

Her entertaining writing style, minimalistic blog design, and gorgeous photographs can make you spend hours on her blog alone.

Allspice Design

Allspice Design is a Polish blog by Agatha, which was created to become a storage of all her inspirations. Eventually, it became a place where she would write about their house’s refurbishment progress.

Aside from her personal stories, Agatha started to write about different topics she’s passionate about like traveling, food, and London.

Atelier Tally

Atelier Tally by graphic designer Daniel Nelson has been around since 2008. It is a blog that focuses on timeless, modernist product design that is said to contribute to the world rather than being superfluous.

Its brilliantly design collections would certainly be among the things you would want to have in your homes.

Lobster and Swan

Jeska’s Lobster and Swan is where she shares all things that catch her eye. With topics ranging from interior styling, decorating ideas, up until some of her favorite recipes, you’ll never get bored by reading through this site.

Don’t forget to check out her room makeovers, arts and crafts, and DIY projects to get the inspiration you need.

Happy Interior Blog

Igor Josifovic of the Happy Interior Blog is all about making his readers happy right in their homes, believing that a beautiful, personal home and a healthy lifestyle are essential to having a happy life.

His passion really stands out in his blog, which made it become a successful one and even won as the “Best International Blog.”

The Modern House

The Modern House has been recognized for selling Britain’s finest, modern architecture since 2005 because of its features that include the finest residences that everyone would be fond of looking at.

Aside from homes in Britain, this blog also presents gorgeous images of houses in Morocco and Portugal.

Jo’s Notebook

A well-known and highly respected interior designer in UK, Jo Hamilton allows everyone to take a look at her interior inspirations straight from the pages of her notebook.

Having a consultancy that’s been around for 16 years and participating in prestigious projects, Jo guarantees that knowledge and experience back her advice.

My Interior Stylist

Zoe Brewer, an interior stylist consultant, is the owner of My Interior Stylist that’s actually an interior styling and design company.

Her expertise includes a comprehensive range of interior design and styling skills that will enable you to get the most out of your budget without risking the final design.

My Repurposed Life

My Repurposed Life began in 2009 by Gail Wilson, a young mother who went back to doing what she loves after losing her job.

Gail is all about taking old things like in an antique shop, and then finding ways to make them attractive and useful again, believing that there’s a potential in the most unexpected places.

Here are the top 100 interior design blogs and websites that you should be reading. So, bookmark all these and follow them now so that you won’t get left behind by the latest trends in the world in interior design.